Recovery Salve 300mg CBD Cayenne

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Recovery Salve 300mg CBD Cayenne

 Ingredients – Rose’s Organically Grown Hemp-Full Spectrum CBD Rosin, Organic olive oil & coconut oil, Organic beeswax, Organic cayenne & eucalyptus essential oil

Directions - Apply Small Amount to Effected or inflamed Area. Message into skin, External Use Only. Avoid Cuts & Scrape’s

Recovery Salve...  We use it for just that!  This salve has a little extra umph (cayenne that is)!  The cayenne (capisaicin in the cayenne) gets your blood flowing, while the eucalyptus soothes and cools...  When we've had a long day out in the field or have been moving heavy plants, we like to massage sore muscles with this salve, but be careful to wash your hands after applying!!!  That cayenne will get ya!

Extraction Method – Rosin Press