Rosin Drops 500mg CBD

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Rosin Drops  500mgCBD Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil, Mint Flavor

Ingredients - Rose’s Organically Grown Hemp-Full Spectrum CBD Rosin, Organic MCT Oil, Organic Essential Mint Oil

Directions – Shake Well before each use. Consult a Physician for Correct Usage and Correct Dosage (We recommend starting slow, One Full Dropper 30mg per day. Half dropper 15mg in the Morning and the other 15mg, 30 Minutes before bed.)

We like to use our drops to help with sleep, and anxiety.   Roses Rosin Drops are also great for inflammation, as are all of our CBD products!!   Now remember, our drops are all natural so they will taste like the plant, we do have a little essential peppermint oil in to add some flavor, but not much. In the morning and in the evening we put the drops under our tongue and let sit for about sixty seconds...  Take some nice deep breaths through your nose, breathe in and out slowly (all while your drops are under your tongue), try to relax and let the drops slowly sink in and start to work... Then of course, swallow and.....  Ahhhh!  

Extraction Method – Rosin Press